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Custom Beef Processing

Coming from a 4 generation ranching family in Western Colorado and managing our own small herd of cattle, we understand the ranching industry.   We know first hand the challenges this industry faces and are here to help weather you are purchasing a beef or raising them commercially.  Colorado beef is better!   We know the ranching community and can assist you in finding a half or whole beef that will fit your family needs.  With a vast understanding of breeds, market pricing, feeding, and the many parts of making beef a food product we can assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for as well as assisting you in filling out cut orders to fit your needs.  Please fill out the sheet below if you would like to reserve a beef of ours.  They are grass fed and grain finished for a minimum of 90 days. The beef we retail are only available in whole or half options and are usually finished between the months of February-June. 

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