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We are a full service custom processor with over 25 years experience cutting wild game and domestic animals.  From Wild Game to Beef you can trust us to give you back the animal you brought us.  The care we take in processing your animal shows in the product you receive back.   


Wild Game Processing

We offer full service wild game processing.  We both grew up in the outdoors hunting and fishing and enjoy passing those traditions on to our own children now. You have watched our three children grow up in the shop and often see our boys helping now.  We know the pride you take in the game you harvest and we understand as fellow hunters the importance in having a processor that does the same job you would do for yourself. .Please click on links below for cut sheets.  We can rush process your game animal for you, or we can ship it to you after you arrive back home.

Beef Processing

Coming from a 4 generation ranching family in Western Colorado and managing our own small herd of cattle, we understand the ranching industry.   We know first hand the challenges this industry faces and are here to help you if  are purchasing a beef or raising them commercially.  We are the only processor in the Fruita/Grand Junction area that is involved in the beef industry personally.  We can help you find a beef that fits your needs, or we can help you market the beef you raise.  Colorado beef is better!

Image by Laura Anderson

Pork and lambs

As a full service processor we also custom process domestic pigs and lambs.  All curing and smoking of hams and bacon's is done in house using our special recipe,  You will not be disappointed! See below for cut sheets and pricing.

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